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First Presbyterian Church entered into the New Beginnings Assessment Program in July, 2014.  At that time a consultant came to the church to do an assessment of the church.  He met with members entrusted with the financial responsibilities of the church.  He met with Pastor Scott and Clerk of Session Sarah Camp. He studied the history of our congregation, our current congregation demographics, our presence on-line, an examination of the facilities, and the demographics of the Kilgore community.  The congregation gathered together on July 16, 2014 for a "town hall" type meeting with the assessor for the purpose of gathering more data for the written assessment.

Small group leaders were selected to attend a weekend training event in Richardson, TX.  We were presented with the written assessment at that time.  We learned how to read the assessment, what to look for and how to share its results with the members of our congregation.  After several months of preparation, small group gatherings were held on three consecutive Wednesday evenings in January, 2015.  These gatherings were well attended. Using the New Beginnings curriculum, each small group walked through the 6-session series sharing what we believe God is calling us to be here in this place. 

In February and March, 2015, the small group leaders gathered together with Pastor Scott to share with one another what came out of their gatherings.  Many great ideas and suggestions were expressed. 


All six groups believe the best strategy for moving forward is "mission redefinition".  "Mission Redefinition" is the desire of a congregation establish a whole new way of being the church. This option requires of the congregation a lot of energy, ingenuity, creativity and spirituality because we will be ending some ministry opportunities and focus on entirely new form of ministry.  This work will be a years-long process.

From our small group discussions in January, we came up with three areas of common agreement:

  • Transform the 9am Chapel service to be more "contemporary"
  • Increase the visibility of the church through a marketing strategy
  • establish a ministry with students attending Kilgore College

The key question we are working to answer now is what will our mission be and what will it look like.  The Session will be discussing what this new vision will be for us.

We will keep you posted.

The New Beginnings Small Group Team Leaders