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Blog / Weekly Devotion

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Tuesday, June 09, 2020

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Click on the links to enjoy the twelve days of Christmas hymns.

1st Day of Christmas   https://youtu.be/avPMRINYHKk

2nd Day   https://youtu.be/vxqBIMfjuEo 

3rd Day   https://youtu.be/BAiMQSWtY3I 

4th Day    https://youtu.be/Na3tBPYkA9g

5th Day    https://youtu.be/GOiq2WRNv1s 

6th Day   https://youtu.be/0I9a8wPFlBQ  

7th Day   https://youtu.be/VAt8cHR2a2Y

8th Day   https://youtu.be/PkgrbXR9SPo 

9th Day  https://youtu.be/8n7rbWcZDeo

10 Day    https://youtu.be/6I_JcxuOii4

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